Frequently Asked Questions

We receive lots of e-mails and phone calls every day from all over the world. Here we gathered answers to some of the most popular services our valuable clients ask us. It may be useful to go through them but if there is anything we can be of help to you, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

  • Are the prices per Taxi or Minivan or per person? Per vehicle of course! Absolutely all prices that you find on our website are per vehicle and NOT per person.
  • How do I pay for my Taxi or Minivan transfer? Payment must be made in cash (US Dollars, EUROs, UK pounds or Ukrainian hrivnya) to your driver inside the transfer vehicle. Alternatively, you can pay in advance online with your credit card, but the total price if paying by credit card will be 5% higher to cover bank transaction charges.
  • Can I pay by credit card in Taxi or Minivan? Very few cars have equipment to accept credit cards, so we advise you to be prepared to pay in cash upon your arrival to a hotel or apartment.
  • If I have a banknote of large denomination, how will I get change from the driver? Please try to prepare exact amount as was agreed in our confirmation e-mail to you. If you have a large denomination bill there might be options: you will have to stop at ATM to cash your credit card, or you will have to exchange money in currency exchange office, or driver can give you change in local currency. We ask all our clients to have exact amount to pay to the driver, so no change is necessary.
  • Why are you cheaper than other transfer booking companies? You get better price when you book locally. Most transfer companies are just international agents based in the UK, USA or Cyprus who make bookings for transfer companies worldwide. We are Ukraine based national taxi operator with representative office in 38 cities throughout Ukraine, operate our own professional licensed taxi and minivans managing to get the best possible prices for you due to the high volume of local bookings we take every day, and not paying commissions to third parties that operate on the international market as well.
  • I need a transfer within the next 24 hours. Can I book it online? We cannot guarantee your transfer 100% if you have not been sent a confirmation e-mail. Our office hours for confirming transfers are Mon to Sun 9:00 to 23:00 (local Kiev time). We cannot confirm transfer bookings out of office hours, however, you can call our office by phone, by Viber or WhatsApp, or send us SMS with information of your arrival, and we will do our best to provide you with our superb transfer solution.
  • Will I have to share the Taxi or Minivan with others who are not in my party? We provide only personal transfer services which means that when you reserve a vehicle with us, no matter whether it is a 4 passenger Taxi car, 8 passenger Minivan or 18 passenger Minibus – the vehicle is exclusively yours!
  • Where will my Taxi or Minivan driver meet me? If airport transfer is booked you will be met by our driver right after you come out of the customs into arrivals hall of the Airport. All other meeting points in specific places (Hotels, apartments, villas, etc…) will be specified in the confirmation e-mail you will receive from us upon booking confirmation. Our drivers know the local area very well and will get you to your destination safely and soundly.
  • Does the transfer stop en route? No! All transfers are direct from door to door. Your Taxi or Minivan driver will only stop in case of emergency. However, when you book a long intercity taxi transfer, our driver will make stops for WC and coffee-breaks upon your request.
  • Are your Taxis and Minibuses fully licensed and insured? Yes! All our vehicles are fully licensed by the local Ukrainian authorities. The vehicles are fully insured with passenger liability cover and strictly observe public license operating regulations. Passenger safety is of utmost concern to us. Be very careful of bogus taxi transfer advertisers as there are a number openly operating without any licenses nor liability insurance.
  • What if my flight is delayed? All flights are monitored by our operators, so your driver will be in the Airport to collect you when you arrive, so that you can start your holiday or a business trip. If your flight is delayed there is no need to worry about paying costly waiting time as we will be aware of any delays. Your driver will wait for up to 1 hour (guaranteed!) and then still do his best to provide the best possible service to you.
  • Are all fares fully inclusive or will I be asked for extra money by the driver? All transfer fares are pre-arranged with you and the chauffeur and are fully inclusive (a tip is voluntary) so no haggling with the driver and no unpleasant surprises when you reach your holiday or business destination. The price that appears in the confirmation booking e-mail you receive from us when you is the price that you pay to the driver.
  • Should I tip the driver? The agreed price does not include gratuity. If you feel the driver has been helpful, courteous and friendly, then a tip might be considered as normal.
  • Will my transfer driver help me with my luggage? Sure! You don’t need to struggle with your luggage at the Airport or your holiday destination, as our drivers are always keen to help you.
  • Will all my luggage fit in the vehicle? Generally, standard taxis can carry around two to three medium to large sized suitcases plus hand luggage. If your luggage would exceed this, we would suggest you upgrade to a minivan, as you may encounter extra fees for another car to fit in your luggage. In any case if you plan to have a lot of luggage, or something oversized, please contact us in advance or state it in Additional Comments when filling in transfer booking form.
  • Can I smoke in the Taxi or Minivan? We are sorry to say that the public service vehicles operated by our company are strictly non smoking. If you book an intercity taxi trip, our driver will stop upon your request for a coffee-break where you can smoke.
  • How can I cancel or make amendments to my already booked transfer? You can do so easily by contacting us and notifying us at least 18 hours before your planned arrival time. E-mail from you at ukrainetransfers@gmail.com would also be enough.
  • I have heard there are many illegal Taxi operators around airports in Ukraine. Is that true? Yes! When you arrive to any Ukrainian Airport, or to train station, or bus station you will be bombarded with lots of drivers trying to persuade you to take you to your place of stay. Be aware, that you may get robbed on your way to your final destination, and price that you will have to pay to such drivers would be 2-5 times higher than you pay by booking transfer from us.
  • Can I book a return transfer or just one way transfer? Yes, of course! Moreover, by choosing roundtrip transfer option, you will receive a whopping 20% discount for your return trip. You can read more about Roundtrip Transfer from our company here.


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