Goods and Food Delivery

Goods and Food Delivery in Ukraine

You have made a long way travelling to Ukraine, rented a perfect apartment and want to enjoy your time to its fullest, correct? If the answer to this question is undoubtful YES you will surely want to order delivery of groceries, beverages and food right to your door, and not spend a couple of hours searching for supermarket, figuring out how to weigh groceries when everything is written either in Russian or Ukrainian (how the word apple will be spelled in ukrainian), deal with the inevitable lengthy queues at the checkout and returning back into apartment.

We can do all the legwork by selecting each and every one of the products you order instead of you having to walk up and down the street figuring out where to find good food or beverages, or a present for your loved one. Consuming so much of your valuable time doesn’t just worth it!

We can also deliver dishes straight from restaurants of your choice. Japanese, Chinese, Armenian, Italian, Indian, Arabic, Lebanese, Russian, Ukrainian – it is only the beginning of the list of possibilities to make an order in a framework of national culinary traditions.

Need a specific beverage, maybe your favorite wine or champagne for a special occasion, or a bottle of excellent cognac or whisky for a present? We know where to get it for you at the lowest price and can deliver it to your apartment or a hotel anywhere in Ukraine.

Want to impress your girlfriend with some exciting present like a 1 meter tall teddy bear, bouquet of 101 roses, bottle of perfume?… or you name it! We will buy on your behalf and deliver just the right present you are looking for! No more wasting time!

Taking care of our valuable clients we deliver only fresh food that undergo strictest quality control directly from supermarkets that are on the market for more than 15 years. Should you wish to order food from a large variety of restaurants you can be sure that the taste of dishes delivered to you will make an unforgettable impression as of excellence in the world of cooking.

You can make an order simply by contacting us at the most convenient way.


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