Please call me back

Callback Request from Ukraine Transfer Group

We used to call back our clients since we first started our transfer business back in 1998. At that time we used to communicate mostly by e-mail, ICQ, Skype and of course – by phone. Calling to Ukraine from abroad at that time was pretty expensive, and many clients wanted to chat before ordering taxi in Ukraine or Moldova asking mostly questions that were already written in our FAQ page. But who reads FAQs anyway, right? 🙂

With rapid advance of technology taking into account that almost everyone has a smartphone, we now offer to contact us via most popular messangers that are installed almost in every smartphone – WhatsApp and Viber.

On every page of our Web site we have Online Consultant widget, and you can ask any questions you want during our office hours.

For those who like to call by phone, most probably you will be able to call us by dialling your local or long distance number from your mobile phone.

So, with so many ways to contact us callback service became really unpopular, and we do not really market it anymore.

However, if you do not have any smartphone and still want us to call you back, feel free to fill in your name, phone number, e-mail address and short description of your request, and we will call you back. But for faster reply to any question we would recommend to use all abovementioned ways to contact us.

Even though we can call almost any mobile or fixed phone number, in some cases various international destinations are unreachable or just pretty expensive for us to dial. Please make sure you fill in the form your correct e-mail address so if we cannot reach you by phone, we have a possibility to e-mail you.