Pre-Arrival Shopping in Ukraine

Pre-Arrival Shopping

Decided to stay in apartment upon your arrival to Ukraine? We offer the opportunity to have your apartment stocked for the night or a couple of days if you desire. We believe that such optional service will make your arrival transition much easier.

We understand how frustrating in travel it can be after making the long flight to Ukraine, followed by the drive into apartment… only to find that you must go out to buy beverages, food and other necessities to last through the night and the next day.

Now with our new revolutionary service you submit your order by contacting our concierge staff before you leave for your trip. While you are in the air, one of our representatives will go to the supermarket and have all of your items in your apartment waiting for your arrival.

We can buy absolutely anything from a local supermarket, hypermarket or from a grocery store ensuring that all products are fresh and delicious. The choice is totally up to you as long as the minimum order is 20 EUROs or 20 US Dollars.

You may also request some special items… such as champagne, whiskey, rum, tequila, vodka, wine, or anything you specify. We will provide you with a firm quote after we receive your special request.

If you wish to take advantage of pre-arrival shopping in any Ukrainian city, please contact us at least a day prior to your arrival.


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