House Maid Service & More

House Maid Service in Ukraine & much more…

For more comfortable residing in rented apartments while you are in Ukraine, we will be glad to offer you all spectrum of finest hotel level services.

If you decide to rent apartment for your stay in Ukraine, it will be cleaned on weekly basis with replacement of bed-clothes and towels at any time most convenient for you. We can also provide cleaning service two, or three times per week, should you require such service.

Some of our clients came to Ukraine several times and loved our country so much, they decided to buy an apartment in Ukraine to spend their summer vacations here, come in winter for a month or two, or just to move here to live when they are retired, and so on… For such clients we provide the very best residential cleaning services on continuous basis whenever they require such services.

Additional services can be provided such as:


Should you require any additional services not listed here, or just have a question on how we can be of help or assistance to you, please feel free to contact us anytime.


Please contact us RIGHT NOW, we will be glad to help!